So, you know how Time and Yahoo and every other on-line news and entertainment service constantly runs articles about 10 Foods that Will Save Your Life? You get excited to learn about these amazing foods, until you look at this disjointed list and start thinking about how to actually pair quinoa, kale and pecans into a delicious meal? Or beans, sweet potatoes and plain yogurt? Who the hell eats this stuff?

I do. And I’ll tell you how to make it delicious. And I’ll tell you how to do it for cheap. With almost 9 years in the restaurant industry, there are two things I know how to do above all else –  how to cook and how to subsist at or very near to the poverty line.

Times are rough and a lot of people are taking a lot of financial hits. I’ve heard too many people I know swear that they have to eat fast food and frozen food because they’re poor. And it’s a damn lie. I’ll show you how to eat at home better than anyone you know and for far less than you’d ever imagine.

I understand that I have been privileged with the knowledge of cooking, and lack of knowledge is the reason why people don’t cook at home more. I’m here to show you how to do it, step by step. For the sake of ourselves, our planet and whatever deities you may or may not believe in, we need to change the way we interact with our food.

I’m James Davidson, and this is The Evolution of Eating.

I also receive tons and tons of help from my amazing wife, Kitt. She assists with editing, photography, proofreading and general support on such a large scale that it would be impractical to cite her contributions on a case by case basis. Consider this the general recognition of all the help she gives that makes this blog possible, and assume that, one way or another, she has her hands in pretty much whatever goes on here.

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