3 Pepper Blend

January 2, 2012 § 3 Comments

Do you ever find yourself using a particular mixture of spices regularly? Maybe you’re the kind of person that adds garlic powder and cumin to everything. In situations like these, I like to make my own spice blends. I’ve made several from recipes in books, but occasionally, I’ll just throw together some things I like.

One of the blends that I came up with is this 3 pepper blend. It’s a mixture of paprika, white pepper and black pepper. By layering these flavors, you get the spice and sweetness of paprika, the garlicky quality of white pepper, and the depth of black pepper. And with only 6 calories per teaspoon, this definitely qualifies as free flavor!*

While not suitable for occasions when you want clarity and delicacy, it is handy to have a mix ready to go when I need full-bodied flavor – say, making black beans or spicy catfish. It certainly lends a lot of flavor to my vegetable barley soup!

1 tbsp black pepper
1 tbsp white pepper
2 tbsp paprika

* Calories calculated from Calorie Count.

Here’s a recipe where you can use my 3 pepper blend:
Vegetable Barley Soup 

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